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Radiology (X-rays)

Digital radiology offers our patients the very highest quality when it comes to images. It is also quick. Many times, you can see the images just a few seconds after we take them. This saves us a lot of time and frustration, especially with pets who don’t want their pictures taken.

We often recommend radiographs when your pets are not feeling well. Digital radiology gives us a sharp image of the inside of your pet’s bodies. Exploratory surgery or other invasive measures are not needed.


We are proud to offer ultrasound because it is a quick and painless procedure. Ultrasounds are often better than radiographs because they do not give off any harmful radiation.

Many veterinary hospitals do not have the use of an ultrasound, so they have to rely on radiographs to diagnose their patients. Luckily for us, we are excited to be able to offer ultrasounds to our patients. It is always our goal to offer you the very best care and diagnostic tools so we can help your pets feel better, faster.

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