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Is Daycare a Good Way to Socialize Your Dog?

The world can be a scary place, especially for animals who may struggle to understand certain environments and situations. Socialization teaches your dog how to react to the world around it in a healthy, normal way and without unnecessary aggression or fear.


Why is it Important to Socialize Your Dog?

Socialization is considered to be a critical aspect of doggy development and should be a priority for every responsible owner. The main reason for this is that being properly socialized helps dogs to become happy, well-balanced pets as they get older.

Imagine a dog who hasn’t been socialized coming face to face with another dog for the first time. How will they know how to react? They could become unnecessarily frightened and retreat or they could act aggressively and hurt the other animal, their owner, or you. Being socialized means that your dog feels calm, and comfortable and can react appropriately to nearly any situation they may find themselves in.

Dogs who are well socialized:

  • Tend to be better behaved

  • Cope better with going into boarding or veterinary facilities

  • Get along better with other animals

  • Aren’t as scared of fireworks or other unusual situations

  • React better to strangers and children

  • Enjoy lots of different types of games

  • Require minimal supervision

  • Are less destructive or attention-demanding

  • Have better bonds with their owners


Is Daycare a Good Way to Socialize Your Dog?

Although there are numerous options for socializing your dog, daycare is an excellent way to get your furry friend used to the smells, sounds, and sights of daily life in a fairly low-risk way. It’s also a particularly good option for busy owners who may not have the time to undertake as comprehensive socializing as they would like to.

As its name suggests, doggy daycare is like kindergarten for canines. Your dog will attend a specialist environment where they can meet and play with other pooches in small, closely-supervised groups. It’s great for exercise and mental stimulation too. Some dogs get so worn out at daycare that they go home and spend most of the day sleeping!

Take note though that most doggy daycare providers have rules in place about which furry friends can be admitted. Your dog will need to have had all of their vaccinations and be fully up to date with them, as well as be properly protected against fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites. Some daycare centers will administer temperament tests too, and this will be to check that your pup adjusts well to new routines and playmates.

When you choose daycare, you can rest assured that your dog is in safe hands, with experienced humans nearby who will carefully monitor them throughout each session, making sure that they are safe, healthy, eating and drinking, and taking toilet breaks.

Not socializing your dog could lead to a dangerous situation in the future. Ask us about socialization at doggy daycare, call Vista Hills Animal Hospital at (915) 592-5867 to reach our office in El Paso, Texas.

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