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How To Prepare for Holiday Pet Boarding

The holidays are fast approaching and you may be making plans to celebrate with family and friends. However, if you aren’t able to take your pet with you on your festive break, you’re probably already thinking about who’s going to take care of them while you are away. Boarding facilities are widely considered to be the best option for pet owners who want to entrust their adored animals to trained, experienced and compassionate professionals.


Nevertheless, even when you’ve chosen the perfect boarding facility, like the pet boarding facility at Vista Hills Animal Hospital, preparing your pet for your time apart can be stressful for you both. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help make the process and their stay in boarding as easy as possible. Here are our top tips on how to prepare for holiday pet boarding.


Book NOW!


As a responsible owner, you want to place your pet into the best boarding facility you can. But, as you might imagine, the most reputable boarding services are very much in demand and can get booked up weeks and even months in advance. We strongly recommend that you book your pet’s place for a visit as early as possible to help guarantee their space.


Visit the Vet


Most boarding facilities have very strict entry requirements, including asking that your pet meet specific medical requirements and that you provide proof of their vaccination and preventative care statuses. This is to help minimize the risk of certain diseases which can spread through boarding facilities very quickly if the staff doesn’t check. Schedule a visit to your vet in El Paso, TX to get your pet the all-clear for a stay in your chosen facility.


Consider Pet Food


What and how much their pets are eating are two of the biggest concerns for many owners, that are anxious that their animal will go hungry. At the time of booking, it’s important to inquire about the current brands of food offered are. If none match up with what your pet currently has, or if they have a special diet, speak to the boarding team to see if you can provide your own. Sticking to the same food will also make things easier and less stressful for your pet while you are apart.


Make Sure the Facility Can Medicate if Needed


If your pet takes regular medication, make sure that your chosen boarding facility is happy to continue with this while your pet is in their care. Most have trained staff who can sneak pills and other medications into your pet’s food with relative ease. They also know the tips and tricks for getting animals to eat them!


Go for a Day Visit


If your pet hasn’t been in boarding before, or if they have but it’s been a while and you think they could use a refresher, speak to the pet boardingfacility about a pre-emptive visit. This will give you time to pop in and see what the facilities are like for yourself, making sure it is clean and spacious enough for your pet while you are apart.



For more tips on how to prepare for holiday pet boarding, or to schedule your pet for boarding at Vista Hills Animal Hospital in El Paso, Texas, call (915) 592-5867 today!

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